I'll be the brightest someday.

My name is Joyce, i am a senior and loving art student in high school. My current fandoms: Supernatural (destiel, misha, jensen, jared) Pierce the veil (jaime and vic) teen wolf (dylan o brian) anything kenneth branagh has been in/produced Emma thompson x kenneth branagh Kellin quinn (sws)

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john green have had enough of your shit

it’s just a metaphor guys.
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Permalink Me giving my first speech ever.
Permalink Received my forth scholarship tonight. By far, one of the best nights of my life. Gave my first speech, and was recognized as the one winner of 1000 dollars for the gold coast water color Society scholarship.
Permalink Tonights the night <3 #GCWS
Permalink Graduation is soo close.
Permalink It’s almost here <3 #classof14
Permalink Angel wings henna <3